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When considering an Eastern KY Home Appraisal, Hackney Appraisal Service is your best choice for Quality. We specialize in providing professional real estate appraisal services in Eastern KY. We proudly serve financial institutions, developers, investors, attorneys, public agencies and more. Our goal is to provide professional and accurate advice on financing and valuation of all types of Eastern KY real estate.


We believe that satisfying an Eastern KY appraisal client requires relentless attention to detail, communication and execution. Hackney Appraisal Services’ capability to DELIVER makes the difference between turning an ordinary Eastern KY appraisal into a business deal or a failure. This five star ability provides unparalleled value for our clients and gives us an unfair advantage against our competition.


Do what you say you’re going to do when you say you’re going to do it! It seems simple in theory but in today’s business world it’s a rarity. You’ll find that our team is focused on and dedicated to consistently delivering our valuations on time. Our number one goal is providing your time sensitive real estate appraisals without delay and as expected.


There are very few businesses that know and love Eastern KY as we do. Our entire team was born and raised in Eastern KY and have worked as hard as anyone can to achieve the dream of business ownership in this area. We love what we do and protect our hard earned reputation with a passion not easily found in the big business world. Let us share that passion with you.

Our Team

We look forward to assisting you with all your Eastern KY Real Estate Appraisal needs!
Shara Smith
Certified Residential Appraiser with over a decade of experience in Eastern KY Residential Appraisal Services. Born and raised in Eastern KY I’m proud to serve our clients in this gorgeous country we are fortunate enough to call home.
Drexel Smith
Hackney Appraisal Service Assistant
Coming from very deep roots in Morgan County KY and with a strong background in Entrepreneurship I find that the real estate appraisal business suits me just fine. I look forward to working with you and sharing a few stories about the local area.
Donna Hughes
Hackney Appraisal Service Assistant
As a life long resident of Lawrence County KY I’m proud to have served Eastern KY as a Licensed Practical Nurse for well over a decade. Currently enjoying the opportunity to work with my family in this beautiful part of the country that we call home.
Tosha Smith
Associate Real Property Appraiser
I’m an original Lawrence County Bull Dog and dedicated mom. As a Lawrence County KY native I’m familiar with this area and love what we do. I have the unique opportunity to see so much of this area because of the appraisal business and I see every day as a chance to learn more. I’m looking forward to working with you!


What To Expect

Eastern KY Home Appraisal

Having your home appraised might seem daunting, even scary, especially if you have never gone through a real estate appraisal before. Preparing for an appraiser and knowing what they will look for when they arrive not only can ease your concern, but it also help you prepare your home for the home or land appraisal. Even a minimal amount of effort can have a huge impact on your home or lands value, which can increase your equity or boost the return on your investment if your intentions are to sell.

Structure: Before the appraiser even enters your home, they will check out the structure, checking the foundation, siding and roofing to determine the material, quality and condition of each. The real estate appraiser also will look for damage or defects around the exterior of your home. Prefab homes will lose value here, as they normally are built with low-quality materials. Conversely, custom-built homes will gain value because they usually are made with much higher-quality materials and are unique. This adds even more to the home's overall value.

Eastern KY Home Appraisal Interior: Inside your home, they will look for the essentials that make up a house, such as the material and quality of the walls and inside roof, flooring type and its condition, and the number, type and quality of windows and doors. The Eastern Ky Home Appraiser will also look for permanent fixtures, including appliances, plumbing and lighting, and note any defects or damage they find.

So focus your time, attention and money on checking what the appraiser will look at. The appraiser will ignore most anything that you would normally take with you when you move out.

Amenities: The amenities in your home will have a significant impact on the home appraisal. The home appraiser will note what features your house has and doesn't. These include central air conditioning, type of heating, smoke detectors and even the garage. If your home lacks these features, the appraisal will come in slightly less. They will look for additional features as well, such as solar panels, a security system and maybe even a fireplace. And they'll consider outdoor amenities, such as an a pool.

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